It’s been a rollercoaster. 

I made the decision to close my space in Hopkinton a few months ago, it wasn’t a easy realization to come to. So many personal reasons were involved, and there was no other solution. 

In the months running up to the closing date I felt ok about it, I was sad for sure but I was hopeful another space would open up, as the closing date drew nearer things started to feel very real.. 

The last pic I took as I closed the blinds for the final time.. 

The last pic I took there as I closed the blinds for the last time…

The last day came and it was a happy day filled with laughter and sharing wonderful memories. 

I locked the doors and honestly felt a little relief to put a end to what was a difficult situation. 

I went back a few weeks later to empty it and put everything into storage. That’s when it hit me that all the love, hardwork, everything I had poured into that little tucked away space wouldn’t be there anymore. 

There was a few very ugly tears shed, but after a few weeks away I realized it wont be ending, its just a new beginning and a new way of doing things. 

For me retail isn’t via a screen, its the human connection. That’s what I miss the most and am hopeful I can find a way back to.  The collections I buy are a path to me sharing with the people I meet and in my heart I know I will be able to do that again. 

Sending love xx