After a few weeks away to gather my emotions and to enjoy the summer break with the little ones who all of a sudden are not so little any more I am back! Fall collections are rolling in slowly and I have just spent some time in Europe finding some great new collections for you. 

Since the close of my brick and mortar store back in July I have taken some time to regroup and figure out what’s next. All I know for certain is that I can’t walk away.. I can’t stop because it means too much to me. 

So I had some time and got my head together. France is a wonderful place to do that.

Paris is incredibly beautiful and always give me so much inspiration. 


Paris for me is a city to explore, I walk for miles taking pictures of things that catch my eye. The fashion is slow, quality pieces that are timeless and will be worn for years and years, but made fresh with clever styling tricks. I made a few personal purchases.. a beautiful pair of black ballet flats with I will wear or years and a super special bag from a French designer who I adore. 

Whenever I go on a scouting trip I go to the big well known places first. I do this because I want to see what the big stores are doing, what brands they are carrying and how its being merchandised.I popped into a well know department store called Les Galeries Lafayette. 

This is in the entryway… 

It got me wondering what I can do with ribbons.. Anyways, its a super cool store filled with everything from high end designers to more affordable options. There was a hive of activity around the well known designers, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, all the big hitter under one roof. I preferred the lesser known (and much more affordable) higher floors filled with beautiful pieces. There was a lot of color for this season, and lots of print matching. 

I liked the multi brands all being in one place so it makes it quick for me to scoot round and check it all out before I made the trip up to northern Paris.. 

Up in the north is normally where I find the really gems. Little tucked away stores with amazing windows. They are far removed from the multi million dollar advertising campaigns that the big fashion houses have, but were buzzing with the same kind of atmosphere. 

The pic above I snapped on my way back to hotel, it was super warm that day and was too tired to walk.. our preferred way of getting around the city!

Paris was magical as always and I feel super lucky to be able to go there, and for you to like what I bring back with me.. it will be online soon and if you want to see it in person send me a message.. 

I hope your enjoying these last days of summer. I’m looking forward to sweater weather but right now, sat in the sunshine I am hoping that summer sticks around a little longer ☀️


I saw this sign and thought it was cute so snapped a quick pic.. I really really want to learn French.. the universe must of been listening. On the flight home I sat next to a French lady.. it was a super long and loud flight and half way through it she asked me how long was left in the air.. anyways, we started talking and turns out she’s French but lives in Boston! So we are going to help each other, she going to try and teach me French (I hope she has a lot of patience!) and I am going to help her with her English.. sometime soon my French will be on par with Emily’s (I hope!) xx