I was super lucky to be able to have a short trip to Paris recently. I had a few appointments and then had enough time to explore a little. As always the city of light did not disappoint! I don’t know Paris too well but found it was small enough to hit the streets on foot and explore.. 

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a planner! I arrived in Paris with no hotel booked but found a lovely little hotel, Hotel Alison in the 8th Arr. It was wonderfully convenient and the front desk staff were so helpful.. especially when UPS decided to return my parcel to the hotel a week after I had left!  The pieces all arrived thanks to the wonderful team at Hotel Allison! 

The view from my room … 

As I was there for such a short time (24 hrs!) I knew I wanted to cram in as much as possible so I booked a tickets for The Palais Garnier. was blown away! The building was beautiful. It took nearly 15 years to build, I can see why! 


Inside tho…! I spent a lot of time looking up! 

The architecture was incredible, I didn’t have too long there but was so glad to have visited. 


The next morning before my flight i had another app with a new brands and then stumbled across a gorgeous antiques store. The owner spoke perfect English (I’m attempting to learn French but its slow progress!) and showed me around his store. He has run his business for many years and it was filled with beautiful pieces, came away wishing I was shipping a container back not just a few small boxes! 

I was on my way back I saw the famous Repetto store. Rose Repetto created her first ballet shoe in 1947, the Repetto stores have been visited by prima ballerinas for many years and they also make incredibly comfortable ballet flats.. this was their first advertising campaign in 1952.. 


And this is the window display I saw! How beautiful is this tutu?!



More walking and found a beautiful book store, could of spent a long time looking through the old books and pencil drawings the owner had, I bought some little cards that I am planning on using for my holiday gift wrap.. will show you when I finally get around to making the gift wrap!  


Just next door I found Catherine Andre! A new brand for me.. was nice to see inside her store, beautiful colors and am excited to be carrying this wonderful designer its arriving in store super soon! 


Didn’t get much time for sit down lunches but if I had I would of saved you a seat..


After a wonderful few hours exploring I had to run back to the hotel to collect bag and hit the road.. but on the way I took this route. 

Fall was just starting in early September, a few leaves on the ground, the sky was bright blue, the air smelt of fresh bread, someone was playing a violin, people were sat on benches enjoying their lunch in the sunshine, it was a perfect, simple moment. I snapped this pic because in that moment I felt so lucky to be there, surrounded by beauty and history and new possibilities. 



A short trip to the airport and I was soon saying “au revoir” to Paris.

Until next time xx